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Submitted by admin on November 22, 2021

Fisheries Management

Ensure the sustainable use of and orderly access to marine living resources through improved management and regulation and the development of South Africa's fisheries sector. The Branch Fisheries has six sub-programmes namely Monitoring, Control and Surveillance, Fisheries Research and Development, Marine Resources Management, Marine Living Resources Fund and Aquaculture Development and Freshwater Fisheries.



  • Office of the Deputy Director General provides strategic leadership and overall management services to the Branch Fisheries Management.
  • Monitoring, Control and Surveillance ensures the protection and promotion of the sustainable use of marine living resources by intensifying enforcement and compliance with the relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Fisheries Research and Development ensures the promotion of the sustainable development of fisheries resources and ecosystems by conducting and supporting appropriate research.
  • Marine Resources Management ensures the sustainable use of, and equitable and orderly access to, marine living resources through improved management and regulation.
  • Marine Living Resources Fund transfers funds to the Marine Living Resources Fund to cover its personnel and operational expenditure.
  • Aquaculture Development and Freshwater  Fisheries ensures the sustainable growth and development of aquaculture (both  marine and freshwater species) and inland fisheries in South Africa. Through  the provision of technical support and essential services to aquaculture  stakeholders, the provision of integrated platform for management of  aquaculture, scientific research and advice, overseeing the implementation of  Aquaculture Lab Initiatives and management of freshwater inland fisheries.


Strategic objectives

  • Increased stability in the commercial fishing sector in South Africa.
  • Training interventions, mentorship programmes and other development support packages to small-scale fishing cooperatives.
  • The finalisation of the Aquaculture Development Bill will assist in streamlining approval processes, the elimination of unnecessary red tape, unlocking competitiveness of the sector and contribution to food safety and security.
  • Ongoing need to address illegal fishing, particularly in the nearshore space.


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