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Submitted by admin on November 18, 2021

Chemicals and Waste Phakisa programme

Chemicals and Waste Phakisa was aimed at engaging on opportunities that call lead to reduction of impact on the environment, while growing the GDP contribution and creating jobs. The Departments intended to have an intensive consultative process involving all the relevant stakeholders to define ambitious target and identify ideas to reach them and come out with clear detailed 3 feet plans to achieve proposals with defined timelines and committed budget and legal support. The implementation of the outcomes is intended to be a collaborative effort by government and stakeholders.

Chemicals management in the environment sector

The Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) relating to chemicals in the country aim to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals. The National Environmental Affairs acts as a Focal Point and the Designated National Authority for the implementation of the obligation of MEAs that relate to chemicals and waste of which a country is Party to, or has accepted or signed.


Biomass Energy

The Concept of Biomass to Energy is still at its infancy in South Africa but holds promise for the future sustainable development.  Biomass is generally regarded as any carbon based material such as animal (including human) waste, plant material, food waste, algae, industrial waste such as reclaimed woody material such as planks, etc.  which when processed can produce organic fuels.

“Driving Force for Change” pilot youth support initiative

One of the challenges identified that the youth face is obtaining the necessary support to translate these ideas into proposals that could be presented for financial support to make them happen. Recognising this challenge the department has developed a dedicated pilot support initiative for the youth and youth led organisations. Through the pilot initiative, the department will be providing project preparation development support equivalent to ZAR 1 million to successful applicants. Through this pilot initiative we hope to provide the support to enable the youth to becoming that "Driving Force for Change" and develop and lead environmental initiatives that puts us on the path of a low carbon and climate resilient development pathway.




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