Marine spatial planning (MSP) in South Africa

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Significance of MSP
Marine planning areas and marine area plans
Structures responsible for MSP
Status of MSP
Participation of stakeholders
Key documents and reports


Introduction into Marine Spatial Planning


Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) is a long term, informative and consultative process that enables informed and evidence-based decision making by providing guidance on critical considerations when deciding where, geographically, human economic activities may take place in the ocean. MSP ensures the right activity takes place in the right areas and helps facilitate the development of a sustainable blue economy – this is to ensure that benefits from the natural environment are maintained for current and future generations. The major MSP output is a comprehensive sustainable development plan that guides where and when uses occur in the ocean.

MSP in South Africa aims at:

  • Unlocking the ocean economy
  • Enabling society to engage with the ocean
  • Ensuring a healthy marine ecosystem  
  • Good ocean governance

Watch: MSP in a nutshell


         Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in a nutshell: English
MSP in a nutshell: isiXhosa   MSP in a nutshell: Afrikaans   MSP in a nutshell: isiZulu


For more information please contact:

MSP Secretariat
Ocean Conservation Strategies
Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment
Address: 1 East Pier Road, East Pier Building, Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001



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