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Invitation to register on the database of the DFFE Wildlife Economy Programme

Expression of interest for previously disadvantaged individuals and communities aspiring or already participating in the game meat industry of South Africa to register on the database of the DFFE Wildlife Economy Programme.



The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) developed the Game Meat Strategy for South Africa which was approved by Cabinet for implementation on 27 September 2023 and subsequently published on 08 November 2023, Government Gazette No.49620.

The vision of the strategy is "a formalised and transformed game meat industry in South Africa that supports thriving rural economies and nature, contributes to food security and inclusive socio-economic growth, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, while reducing environmental risks". The strategy consists of nine (9) goals. Goal 6 seeks to have 1 million hectares of community owned land brought into game meat production with associated localised value chains by 2030. It is for this purpose that the DFFE would like to invite interested individuals and communities meeting the criteria below to register on the database of the DFFE Wildlife Economy Programme.

Qualifying criteria:
  • Conducive land suitable to establish a sustainable game ranch / farm enterprise with a minimum of 1000 hectares or more.
  • Existing game ranch / farms with a minimum of 1000 hectares or more.
  • The land or existing game ranch / farm must be owned and managed by previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) / communities including traditional authority (TA). In case of a partnership, 51% of the business must be owned by PDIs / community / TA.
  • Applicants must be South African citizens.
  • Women, youth, community-owned businesses, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to register on the database.
  • The owner of the game ranch / farm must be willing to obtain a certificate of adequate enclosure issued by the provincial management authority in case it is not available.
  • The owner of the game ranch / farm must be willing to contribute towards the conservation objectives of South Africa as per the vision of the strategy.
  • The owner of the game ranch or farm must be willing to be supported to ensure compliance with all environmental and food safety protocols or legislations administered by the various government departments (i.e. national and provincial), public entities, and local government.
For registration purpose, the following information is required:
  • Contact details, province, local municipality, and area
  • Description and background about the property.
  • Farm/ranch ownership
  • Animal species available.
  • Hectares of the farm / ranch / land.
  • Core business activities.
  • Description of existing infrastructure available.
  • Minimum capital investment required for upscaling or upgrading (existing ranch / farm).
  • Partnership available.
  • Current employment (existing ranch / farm).


Qualifying applicants will be incorporated into the existing Wildlife Economy Programme which endeavours to offer the following support packages through effective partnerships: training and capacity building, infrastructure development, game donation, market access and other business development requirements.



Completed registration form, business plan or business concept should be submitted to the following:

For more information, please contact:

Ms Lactitia Tshitwamulomoni:
Tel: 012 399 9611
Mobile: 067 417 3859

Ms Tseleng Mabunda
Tel: 012 399 9595
Mobile: 063 750 3691


  • This is a call to register on the database and does not confirm support to be offered. DFFE will support qualifying individuals and communities subject to available funding. Qualifying individuals and communities will be contacted by DFFE to arrange site visits.



The closing date for submission of business plan / concept / registration form is 20 May 2024.



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