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Minister Creecy engages stakeholders on the recently approved Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan

05 April 2024

Cabinet recently approved the Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan (IndWTMP) for implementation. Developed in accordance with Section 29 of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act 2008 (NEM: WA), the plan aims to address several challenges faced by the waste tyre sector, including limited local processing capacity, storage depot limitations, and logistical constraints.

"This Section 29 plan provides a comprehensive framework for the efficient and effective management of the waste tyre sector in a circular manner. It is subordinate legislation to the Waste Act and is therefore legally binding and enforceable on all the identified role players," said Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Ms Barbara Creecy.

The Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan provides a comprehensive framework for the efficient and effective management of the waste tyre sector in a circular manner. It outlines objectives such as full waste tyre collection, development of processing capacity, and monitoring systems to track progress. The Waste Management Bureau, mandated by the NEM: WA serves as a specialist implementing agent tasked with promoting waste minimisation through the principle of re-use, recycle, re-purpose and recover. It also monitors the implementation of the IndWTMP as well as provide support for the development and implementation of municipal waste management plans and capacity-building programmes.

"The IndWTMP is a plan to progressively divert new waste tyres from storage while simultaneously processing ever larger portions of the historic post-levy stockpiles. Ultimately this will lead to a 100% diversion of new waste tyres from storage in the short to medium term and clearing of historic post-levy stockpiles in the longer term," said Minister Creecy.

This plan emphasises collaboration between the public and private sectors. It envisions the development of additional processing capacity by private investors, supported by government initiatives. Waste tyre collections will also be expanded. Different processors require different types and quantities of waste tyres to support their operations. Efficient logistics and warehousing are critical to meeting the demand for waste tyres. The IndWTMP sets out a waste tyre management model where at least three dedicated Regional Implementers will be contracted by the Waste Management Bureau to manage the logistics and depot management elements of the value chain through contracted service providers.

Importantly, the IndWTMP creates entrepreneurial opportunities for SMMEs, aligning with the National Township Economy Revitalization Policy; with a strong focus on youth, women and persons living with disabilities. These opportunities include the expansion of micro-collection and micro-depot networks across all provinces.

"The SMMEs will be supported by the Departments of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment and of Small Business Development to take advantage of opportunities stemming from the expansion and more effective delivery of the waste tyre value chain. The MoU between the two departments on SMME support will be expanded to specifically include waste tyres," said Minister Creecy.

"The IndWTMP is a growth plan, aiming to achieve 100% waste tyre coverage, complete waste diversion, and supports the inclusion of new SMMEs across the waste tyre value chain," the Minister added.

To access the Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan and the presentation for stakeholder engagement, please click on the links below:


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