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SA Agulhas II Open Day taking place on 17 - 18 May 2024


Gqeberha, Port of Gqeberha     |     17 and 18 May 2024


SA Agulhas II is South Africa's state-of-the-art Polar Research and Supply Vessel supporting SA's involvement in Antarctica and sub-Antarctic Islands. 
The open day affords learners and members of the public a unique experience of the vessel. The DFFE has hosted successful open days in the following cities: 2015 Port Elizabeth, 2016 Cape Town, 2018 Durban, 2018 Dar es Salaam, 2019 Comoros, 2019 East London and 2022 Cape Town.

The two-day event will offer a dynamic, hands-on experience for learners and members of the public to meet the following objectives: Educate and inspire high school learners about marine science, ocean conservation, and the vital work of the DFFE. | Promote careers in environmental fields and showcase diverse pathways within marine sciences. | Highlight unique capabilities of the SA Agulhas II research vessel and its role in critical research.




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All aboard the SA Agulhas: ocean conservation key to growth

Over 2300 members of the public tour the SA Agulhas II, further enhancing their understanding of South Africa's efforts to monitor, research, and protect the oceans and marine life. DFFE also hosted a career day, providing learners with an opportunity to learn about careers in marine science, the oceans' importance, and their role in daily life.

Minister Creecy embarked on a four-day tour the zero emissions base in Antarctica

Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Research Station is the first zero emissions research station in Antarctica, operated by International Polar Foundation under mandate of Belgian Polar Secretariat. The visit gave Minister Creecy opportunity to learn about the station's work in reducing its environmental impact on the continent.

SA's research team on Gough Island

very year, a small team of scientists and technicians are placed on Gough Island for a period of 13 months to man the weather station there and to undertake biological research, mainly on seabirds and marine mammals. They are mostly South African, but also include international researchers, as Gough Island is British territory.

SA home to large populations of albatrosses

South Africa hosts large and important populations of albatrosses and petrels at its Prince Edward Islands, which are located in the southwest Indian Ocean. These islands hold, for example, about half the global population of wandering albatrosses and a quarter of Indian yellow-nosed albatrosses.

SA supports innovation in oceans

As the challenges to the ocean continue to grow, so does the need for novel solutions and the people driving them. South Africa hasn't been left behind in the innovation of tools to manage and protect South Africa's coastlines.

Wealth of the world of science: Antarctica

The Antarctic Treaty is one of the world's most successful international agreements. Antarctica is one of the few places in the world where there has never been war, where the environment is fully protected and where scientific research has priority

Voyage to enhance scientific training in Africa

The DFFE's research and polar vessel, the SA Agulhas II entered into its second year of participating in the International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE2), as part of South Africa's training and capacity building voyage. 

DEA takes plastic pollution awareness to Durban

Oceans make up 80% of the earth's surface, and are the planet's life support system. With an estimated 300 million tonnes of plastics entering the world's oceans every year, there is an urgent need to tackle and eradicate the problem. 


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