Feedback | Rollout of Western Cape small-scale fishing rights : re-run of the 2016 process

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2022-09-05 00:15 to 2022-09-30 23:45

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Final list: successful / declared fishers
Download documents: GPR, independent report & annexures
Rollout of SSF process:2016 re-run
Background information



Final list of declared small-scale fishers in the Western Cape


The DFFE has announced the final list of declared small-scale fishers in the Western Cape. The list was compiled in terms of the Marine Living Resources Act’s regulations related to small-scale fishing in South Africa and followed the Western Cape High Court judgment.

Out of over 4 000 verification forms that were submitted, over 84% of applicants have been declared successful and are thus recognised as small-scale fishers in line with the Marine Living Resources Act. This is a significant improvement from the previous process wherein a mere 31% had been successful and declared small-scale fishers. More than 30% of successful and declared small-scale fishers are women, while 68% of the fishers are coloured, 25% are black fishers and three percent are white.

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» Download the list of successful fishers [PDF - 6.72 mb]


Download documents


General published reasons (GPR) on the process, a list of successful and declared small-scale fishers and the independent report can be located here:


A Area 1 CBD Kwezi Hall Day 1 Kwezi Hall Download doc. [PDF - 1.55 MB]
B Area 2 CBD Eyethu Community Hall Eyethu Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.47 mb]
C Area 3 CBD Phandulwazi Hall Phandulwazi Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.43 mb]
D Area 4 CBD Melkbos Country Club Melkbos Country Club Download doc. 4.51 mb]
E Area 5 WC Saxon Sea Civic Saxon Sea Primary School Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.66 mb]
G Area 7 CBD Bellville South Civic Centre Bellville South Civic Centre Download doc. [PDF - 5.24 mb]
H Area 8 WC Mamre Moravian Church Hall Mamre Moravian Church Hall Download doc. 4.66 mb]
I Area 9 WC Darling Community hall Darling Community hall Download doc. [PDF - 5.22 mb]
J Area 10 CBD Hanover Park Community
Hanover Park Community
Download doc. [PDF - 4.43 mb]
K Area 11 SC Moffat Community Hall Hermanus Multi Purpose Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.2 mb]
L Area 12 CBD Westridge church hall Church of Nazeren Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.82 mb]
M Area 13 CBD Retreat Hall Sharon Assembly Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.66 mb]
N Area 14 CBD Harmony Hall Harmony Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.11 mb]
O Area 15 CBD Methodist Church - Vrygrond
Green Church
Gospel Faith Mission Church Download doc. [PDF - 4.81 mb]
P Area 16 CBD Hangberg Multipurpose Centre Hangberg Multipurpose Centre Download doc. [PDF - 5.17 mb]
Q Area 17 SC Hawston Thusong Centre Hawston Thusong Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.46 mb]
R Area 18 WC Yzerfontein Community Hall Yzerfontein Community Hall Download doc. PDF - 4.75 mb]
S Area 19 CBD Imizamo Yethu - Iziko Lobomi Iziko Lobomi Download doc. [PDF - 4.89 mb]
T Area 20 CBD Kalk Bay - Holy Trinity Church Kalk Bay - Holy Trinity Church Download doc. [PDF - 4.75 mb]
U Area 21 CBD Ocean View - Multipurpose
Ocean View - Multipurpose
Download doc. [PDF - 4.89 mb]
V Area 22 CBD Redhill Library Redhill Library Download doc. [PDF - 4.68 mb]
W Area 23 SC Blompark VGK/ URC Hall Blompark VGK/ URC Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.22 mb]
X Area 24 CBD Macassar Hall Macassar Old Civic Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.97 mb]
Y Area 25 CBD Sir Lowry's Pass Library Sir Lowry's Pass Library Download doc. [PDF - 4.82 mb]
AB Area 28 SC Proteadorp Community Hall Proteadorp Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.15 mb]
AC Area 29 SC Stanford Community Hall Kiewiet Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.17 mb] 
AD Area 30 CBD Die Strand / Godens Bay
- VGK Strand
VGK Die Strand Download doc. [PDF - 4.59 mb]
AE Area 31 WC Laingville - Sports Club house Laingville Sports Club house Download doc. [PDF 4.72 mb]
AF Area 32 SC Struisbaai Community Hall/
Struisbaai Library
Struisbaai Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.2 mb]
AG Area 33 SC Gouritzmond Community Hall Gouritzmond Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.21 mb]
AH Area 34 SCC Touwsranten Community Centre Touwsranten Community Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.42 mb]
AI Area 35 SCC Kurland Community hall Kurland Community Hall (Plett) Download doc. [PDF - 4.56 mb]
AJ Area 36 WC Lamberts Bay - Don Burrel Hall Don Burrel Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.66 mb]
AL Area 38 WC Papendorp Church Hall Papendorp Church Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.82 mb]
AM Area 39 WC Veldrift - Noordhoek Civic Noordhoek Civic Download doc. [PDF - 4.51 mb]
AN Area 40 WC Paternoster Community Hall Paternoster Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.5 mb]
AO Area 41 SC Elim Community Hall Elim Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.08 mb]
AP Area 42 SCC Covie - St Paul's Anglican Church St Paul's Anglican Church Download doc. [PDF - 4.46 mb]
AQ Area 43 WC St Helena Community Hall St Helena Bay Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 5.28 mb]
AR Area 44 WC Dial Rock Hall - Saldanha - White City Multi Purpose Centre White City Multi purpose centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.77 mb]
AS Area 45 SC Buffelsjag Community Hall Buffelsjag Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.05 mb]
AT Area 46 SC Vermaaklikheid - Slangrivier
Community Hall
Slangrivier Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 3.74 mb]
AU Area 47 SCC Asla Community Hall Asla Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.63 mb]
AV Area 48 SCC KwaNokuthula Plett - Thusong
Community Centre
Thusong Community Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.5 mb]
AW Area 49 WC Ebenhaezer Community Centre Ebenhaezer Community Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.65 mb]
AX Area 50 SCC Hornlee Community Hall Hornlee Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.37 mb]
AY Area 51 SC Melkhoutfontein Community
Stillbaai Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.64 mb]
AZ Area 52 SCC Plett - New Horizon Community
New Horizon Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 3.32 mb]
BA Area 53 WC Leipoltville town Hall Leipoltville Church Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.56 mb]
BB Area 54 WC Steenberg Community Hall Steenberg Cove Community
Download doc. [PDF - 4.44 mb]
BC Area 55 WC Hopefield Community Hall Hopefield Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.42 mb]
BD Area 56 SC Eluxolweni Community Hall Eluxolweni Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.07 mb]
BE Area 57 SC Arniston Community Hall/ Eagle
Arniston Community Hall Download doc.  [PDF - 4.02 mb]
BF Area 58 SCC D'almeida Town Hall D'almeida Town hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.37 mb]
BG Area 59 SCC Rheenendal Youth Centre Rheenendal Youth Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.41 mb]
BH Area 60   WC Doring Bay - Miriam Owies hall  Miriam Owies Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.53 mb]
BI Area 61 WC Vredenburg - Witteklip
Community Hall
Witteklip Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.75 mb]
BJ Area 62 WC Langebaan - Thusong Centre Langebaan Thusong Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.48 mb]
BK Area 63 SC Gansbaai - Masakhane
Community Hall
Masakhane Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.48 mb]
BL Area 64 SC Bredasdorp - Thusong Centre /
Welverdiend Library
Bredasdorp Thusong Centre Download doc. [PDF - 4.07 mb]
BM Area 65 SCC Sedgefield/ Smutzville
Community Hall
Smutzville Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.46 mb]
BN Area 66 SCC Kranshoek Hall Kranshoek Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.39 mb]
BO Area 67 SCC Wilderness - Kleinkranz Church Kleinkranz Church Download doc. [PDF - 3.24 mb]
BQ   Area 69 SCC Wittedrift Community Hall
(Plett) - Cancelled
Wittedrift Community Hall Download doc. [PDF - 4.23 mb]


Rollout of Western Cape small-scale fishing rights : re-run of the 2016 process


The Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment (DFFE) facilliated the roll out of the Western Cape small scale fishing (SSF) rights to Western Cape fishers from September 2022. Following this two-week community mobilisation process in Western Cape communities, the DFFE conducted a catch-all week from 17 to 21 October 2022. This is where those who might have not have collected their forms, could be able to do so. The DFFE further agreed to give fishing communities an extended period, which was set to last until the end of November 2022, to complete verification forms.

In preparation for the new process, the DFFE had placed much emphasis on regular community mobilisation and ongoing communication between communities and the DFFE. The DFFE also appointed an independent implementing service provider as well as an observer forum to promote neutrality, transparency, and fairness in the entire process; and there was direct involvement of community-based organisations (CBOs) throughout the process in a dedicated platform.

The entire process followed as below:

  • mobilisation in fishing communities
  • distribution of verification forms
  • receiving verification forms
  • registration and verification
  • announcement of the provisional list
  • appeals and declaration of the final list and;
  • registration of small-scale fishing co-operatives and rights allocation.

Various species were already set aside for the SSF sector and some have already been allocated to the existing SSF co-operatives in other coastal provinces.


Documents issued in facilitation of this process



  • Schedule of consultations
  • Receipting process for the Western Cape small-scale fisheries verification, registration, declaration, and rights allocation
  • September 2022 rollout of Western Cape small-scale fishing rights: re-run of the 2016 process:

Western cape regions


Background information

Following the declaration of small-scale fishers in the Western Cape in 2016, the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment (DFFE), Ms Barbara Creecy and the department received several complaints from fishing communities about the fairness and accuracy of the process followed.

The department then decided to launch an audit on the entire process followed in verifying and recognising small-scale fishers in the Western Cape. The audit findings concluded that the verification process was wholly inadequate, and that the results of the assessments cannot and should not be relied on for any decision-making purpose in terms of the regulations.

Based on the results of the audit report and legal advice, the minister made an application to the Western Cape High Court to review and set aside the process of registration, verification, and declaration of small-scale fishers in the Western Cape.

On 31 August 2022, the court reviewed and set aside the 2016 verification, registration, declarations and rights allocations process  as per the minister's request. The court judgement ordered that the applications which were made for the verification and confirmation of small-scale fishers and communities in the Western Cape be remitted to the DFFE and the minister for decision.

Considering the court judgement, the department set an intention to re-run the verification, registration, and declaration of small-scale fishers for all persons that participated in the previous process and ultimately allocate rights to the small-scale fishing sector. Pending the outcome of the envisaged new and revised verification and recognition process, access to fishing by persons who were declared small- scale fishers under the previous process and those fishing under the Interim relief dispensation remained.

The process was only open to fishers who had previously participated in the original verification process in 2016. To confirm eligibility to participate in this process, community members could visit their nearest fishery control office or the departments offices in the Foretrust Building from 12 September 2022 or contact the dedicated call centre line on 021 402 3614.

In preparation for the process, eligible community members were encouraged to ensure that they had their original identity documents (ID) with them and be in the look out for the posters that would be put up in all identified communities from 12 September 2022, which would outline all other required documents. The department would also make available “sample verification forms” during the mobilisation process, for community members to familiarise themselves with the verification form.


For more information

Visit or contact the nearest DFFE Fishery Control Office or/ alternatively, contact call centre:
Tel: 021 402 3614