The development of the sector gender strategy stakeholder workshop

Event date: 
2015-07-28 (All day)

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Introduction and background
Purpose and venue


Introduction and background

Literature suggests that critics argue that gender equality strategies are superficial in that they do not seek to challenge social structures of male domination, and only aim at improving the situation of women within the work place often at the expense of the unemployed sections of society.

Gender equality is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making, and when the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued and favoured.

In order to move towards the desired state of gender equality in the 2014/15 financial year the Department of Environmental Affairs compiled the following documents:

Sector Gender Framework outlines critical areas that are required to ensure the facilitation and achievement of the objectives in accordance with key government legislation and international best practice. The sector gender framework development enabled us to highlight the gender equality and women empowerment progress made thus far in response to the policy imperatives. The framework further outlined key issues for consideration towards the development of the sector gender strategy that will have an action plan that includes a component of monitoring and evaluation. The sector gender framework and strategy will be instrumental to coordinate the overall alignment of priorities, activities and progress to cover the environment sector portfolio as a whole.

Sector Gender Literature Review reflect the Literature Review conducted Nationally, Regionally and Internationally from the various South African Public Service documents, and international documents reflecting interventions and challenges identified in order to address, improve and promote gender mainstreaming within the Environment sector.

Sector Gender Diagnostic Report seeks to highlights the progress made thus far in the sector to respond to the constitutional mandate and the National Gender Policy imperatives as well as outline key issues for consideration towards the development of the sector gender Strategy that will implement the sector gender imperatives outlined in the Framework document thereby giving effect to the constitutional mandate.

Purpose of the workshop 


To discuss and update the following documents:
  • Sector Gender Framework;
  • Diagnostic Report; and
  • Conceptual framework for the Sector Gender Strategy as well as the Action Plan.
Date: 28 July 2015
Venue: Birchwood Hotel & Conference
Time: 09h30 – 15h30


Inspiring Change to enhance and sustain the Environment Sector Gender Equality initiatives

Objectives and outcomes of the workshop


The Workshop will bring together policy-makers, decision makers and practitioners to debate topical
issues, share innovations and demonstrate best practice prior the development / drafting of the Sector
Gender Strategy.
The following thematic / focus areas will be discussed and frame the structure of the Gender Strategy:
  • Local Government
  • Planning and Policy
  • Skills Development and Training
  • Advocacy
  • Role of Civil Society
  • Institutional Arrangements / Structures
  • Finance
The expected output of the workshop is a final structure of the Sector Gender Strategy to augment and
implement the Framework for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.
Kindly RSVP by 22 July 2015 to the following officials:
Ms Phuti Mashamaite
Tel: 012 399 9907 
Ms Reneilwe Mampuru
Tel: 012 399 9915
For more information, please contact:
Ms Lindiwe Khumalo
Tel: 012 399 9919 
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