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Ms Barbara Creecy

Update on the FRAP 2021/2022 appeals process


12 JUNE 2023

Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment Minister, Ms Barbara Creecy, has finalised the appeal decisions related to the Squid Sector in terms of the Fishing Right Allocation Process 2020/2021 (FRAP 2021). 

The appeal decisions in the Squid Sector were finalised on 12 June 2023. The General Published Reasons for the Appeal Decisions in the Squid Sector: 2021/2022 will be published on the Department’s website shortly and appellants will also be provided with the outcome of their individual appeal decisions in due course. 

“I am satisfied that I have fully considered and explored all issues to achieve the correct outcome for the Squid Sector. In my consideration of these appeals, it was important to ensure that rights were granted and utilised for the purpose intended under the MLRA and the policies. I was mindful of the need to transform the commercial sector and the need to admit new entrants into the sector. In doing so, I applied the sector specific policy so as to achieve a fair and equitable result, but I did not stray from the objectives of the MLRA and the core principles that underly the policies,” said Minister Creecy. “I am satisfied that the appeal process in the Squid Sector is fair, reasonable and rational.” 

This means that the successful right holders will be in a position to harvest squid on the 01 July 2023, due to the timeous finalisation of the appeals in this sector. 

The Appeals Directorate is endeavoring to ensure that the fourth phase of the appeal process, which deals with the appeals in Hake Deep Sea Trawl and Hake Longline sectors, will be finalised by 31 August 2023. 

The Department is committed to complete each phase of the appeal process within the proposed timeframes. The Department will also, on an ongoing basis, publish its progress in relation to each phase of the appeal process on its website. 

For media enquiries contact:  Peter Mbelengwa on 082 611 8197



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