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Publication of the Game Meat Strategy for South Africa for implementation

10 November 2023


The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Ms Barbara Dallas Creecy, has published the Game Meat Strategy for South Africa (the Strategy) in the Government Gazette No.49620 for implementation.

The strategy was approved by the Cabinet on 27 September 2023. It seeks to formalise and transform the game meat industry. The strategy designed to contribute towards food security for the country. It aims to strengthen the game meat sector as both a provider of food security and an economic growth sector that can help create job opportunities.

The vision of the Strategy is "A formalised and transformed game meat industry in South Africa that supports thriving rural economies and nature, contributes to food security and inclusive socio-economic growth, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, while reducing environmental risks".

South Africa is ranked number one on the African continent for game meat production and the country therefore needs to take full advantage of the economic opportunities that the sector provides. The strategy seeks to ensure the creation of 202 666 sustainable jobs in the game meat industry by 2030.

The strategy implementation plan calls for the three spheres of government, communities and their leaders, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, funders (domestic and international), academia, and research institutions to work together. It is through these partnerships that effective implementation of the strategy will contribute towards the conservation and sustainable utilisation of South Africa's biodiversity while addressing economic, social and environmental problems such as poverty, zoonotic diseases, climate change, and food insecurity, for the benefit of the South African population.


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