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Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMI)

About Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMI)

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), provincial environmental departments and other provincial and municipal organs of the state employ Environmental Management Inspectorates, a network of environmental enforcement officials from various national, provincial and municipal government departments created by National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) of 2008.

The EMIs are not empowered to prosecute cases in court. All cases continue to be handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA) for prosecution. The EMIs therefore work closely with prosecutors country wide to ensure the successful prosecution of offenders.



Becoming an EMI 

In terms of NEMA's Section 31B and C the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs and MECs are empowered to designate EMIs (and they have the discretion to decide which officials to designate).




EMI Basic Training

Successful completion of the EMI Basic Training is the current requirement for designation as Grades 1-4 EMIs.  The current curriculum for the EMI Basic Training includes a set of modules and units



EMI branding and clothing

EMIs are recognised by the unique and distinctive blue, green and brown logo. This logo appears on most of the uniform items that are worn by EMIs and is designed to identify them as government officials authorised to carry out their compliance and enforcement duties.




Environmental crimes hotline

The toll-free hotline is operated by Department of Environmental Affairs; it provides a platform for members of the public to voice their concerns about environmental transgressions, and it also extends the capability of environmental authorities to detect and tackle non-compliances.



National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Reports 


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