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Bursaries intake availability status


Applications for Bursary Intake Programme have closed. No late applications will be considered. The bursary opportunities are advertised towards the end of the year (September / October - December) through the national newspapers, this website and social media platforms belonging to the department. It is the intention of the DFFE to promote representivity (race, gender and disability).  




Consideration will be given to previously disadvantaged and people with disability who are South African citizens and have successfully completed their first year of undergraduate study or those who are currently registered for postgraduate studies. However, strongly motivated applications from first-year students within the above mentioned fields of study will also be considered.


The Department of Forestry, Fisheires and the Environment (DFFE) programme  to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance youth development
  • Develop a culture of high quality lifelong learning within Department of Environmental Affairs


Fields of study and procedures and information to apply

The DFFE is provides bursaries in the following fields of study:

Fields of study Important information to note
Biodiversity and Conservation 
  • Diploma/Degree in Heritage Studies
  • Degree / Hons B Sc Biological Sciences
  • Diploma/ Degree / Hons in Nature Conservation
  • Diploma/ Degree/Hons Environmental Science
  • Degree/Diploma/Hons in Environmental Management
  • Degree/Diploma/Hons in Risk management or Policy Development
  • Degree/Diploma/Hons on Wetlands management and or Ecosystem Approach
  • Degree/Diploma/Hons in Environmental Strategy Development and Implementation or Environmental Law including Advanced Legislative Drafting
  • Degree/Diploma/Hons in Global change dynamics (Climate Change, drought, biodiversity loss)
  • BSc/ Hons/ MSc in Natural Science / Environmental Science/Management majoring in Ecology, Resources Management and Geographical Information System

Chemicals and Waste Managemenet 

  • Masters/ PhD Epidemiology of environmental pollutants
  • Masters/ PhD Eco-toxicology of environmental pollutants
  • Masters/ PhD on impacts and synergistic effects of environmental pollutants on the environment
  • Masters/ PhD Toxicology
  • Masters/ PhD Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
  • B Degree/ M Tech/ Hons/MSc Environmental Science
  • B Degree/ Hons/ MSc Waste Management
  • MSc/ M Tech Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry
  • MSc/ M Tech Biochemistry/ Microbiology
  • B Hons/ M Sc Ecoxicology

Climate Change and Air Quality and Sustainbaility Development 

  • BSc/ ND Environmental Science
  • BSc/ ND Environmental Management
  • ND/ B Degree Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • ND/ B Degree Natural Science
  • ND/ B Degree Conservation
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Geography, Archaeology and Environmental
  • ND/ B Degree in Sustainable Development

Environmental Programmes 

  • ND/ Adv Diploma Horticulture
  • ND/ Adv Diploma Landscape Technology
  • ND Environmental Science
  • BSc Degree/ Hons/ Masters Environmental Science: Biological Resources
  • BSc Degree/ Hons/ Masters Environmental Science: Water Resources
  • BSc Degree/ Hons/ Masters Environmental Science: People and the Environment
  • BSc Degree/ Hons/ Masters Environmental Science: Environmental Economics
  • BSc Degree/ Hons/ Masters Environmental Science: Environmental Law/ Biological Sciences

Fisheries Management 

  • B Degree/ Hons/ MSc Environmental Science
  • BSc Marine Biology
  • BSc Oceanography and Marine Biology
  • BSc Ichthyology specialising in Aquaculture
  • ND: Oceanography

Forestry Management 

  • ND / AdvDip/ B Degree/ Hons/ Master’s Degree Forestry
  • ND / AdvDip/ Hons/ MSc/PhD Wood Technology
  • ND/ AdvDip/ Hons/ MSc/PhD Nature Conservation
  • Higher Cert: Veld Fire Management
  • B Degree / Hons / Master’s Degree Forestry
  • B-Tech/ M Sc in Forestry, Wood Science
  • ND/ B-Tech/B.Degree/ Hons/M Sc in Nature Conservation, Botany, Marine Science
  • National Diploma / B Degree/ Hons/ M Sc Environmental Science or Management
  • NDip/ AdvDip/ Hons/ MSc/PhD Game Ranch management

Regulatory Compliance and Sector Monitoring

  • LLB (Major courses Administrative law, legislative drafting, Environmental Law)
  • LLM
  • B.A Law
  • A Diploma or Degree in Paralegal
  • Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (majoring in Animal and wildlife)
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc majoring in Geography, Geoinformatics
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management majoring in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BSc Honours in Geography
  • BSc Chemistry, Botany

Oceans and Coasts (Ref: OC/01/2022) 

  • Ocean Governance
  • Marine Protected Areas Management
  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Applied Aquaculture
  • Aquatic Veterinary Science
  • Resource / Environmental Economics
  • Environmental / Maritime Law
  • Information Technology and GIS (marine)
  • Maritime Security
  • MSc Ecological modelling
  • BTech Marine science / Environmental science
  • Hons / MSc Botany (Coastal related i.e. mangroves, dune vegetation)
  • MSc Chemistry (Heavy metals pollution in the Marine Environment)
  • MSc Chemistry (Hydro-Carbons)
  • Hons / MSc Biochemistry (genetics)
  • Hons / MSc GIS emphasis on Spatial analysis
  • Data Analyst and statistical modelling
  • Hons / MSc Ecophysiology
  • MSc Taxonomy (Systematics) and Biodiversity
  • PhD (Physics & Biology Oceanography) Ocean Noise
  • BTech: Operations Management
  • Engineering Electrical and Mechanical
  • BSc Maritime Law
  • BSc Nature Conservation, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Management
  • BSc/ Honours/ Masters/ PhD in Environmental Science

Application form and advert:

» The application form and advert will be made available when the 2023 bursary intake call for applications opens again, which is envisaged to be towards the end of the year (September / October  - December).

Enquiries - general:


Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment Environment House 473 Steve Biko Street Cnr Steve Biko and Soutpansberg Road Arcadia, Pretoria.

For enquiries contact:

Joshua Moepya
Tel: 012 399 8682
Cell: 067 417 3739

Busisiwe Stemele
Tel: 012 399 8685
Cell: 066 156 0042

Mokhobo Putu
Tel: 012 399 9018
Cell: 066 081 2662

Cape Town:

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment 63 Strand Street 13th Floor Nedbank Building Cape Town.

For enquiries contact:

Sarah Mathunyane
Tel: 021 814 8084
Cell: 067 417 3719

Mpho Beta
Tel: 021 402 3368

Mooketsa Mabe
Tel: 021 402 3412
Cell: 071 540 2685

Neliswa Magwala
Tel: 021 814 8089
Cell: 066 081 9858


Attention: Learning and Development (Bursary Section). The Director-General, Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Private Bag X447, Pretoria, 0001.

Closing date: N/A
Note - general:

Bursaries are awarded to individuals that are registered as fulltime students with the institution of higher learning or currently doing Grade 12 (Matric) and not employed. Please indicate clearly on the application form the reference number and the study field. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Successful applicants will be expected to sign a bursary contract. No faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.

All applications should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Motivation as to why the bursary should be awarded to you.
  • Certified copies of qualifications and recent academic records
  • Certified copies of Identity Document (Applicant and both parents or guardian)
  • Proof of registration (if already enrolled with the institution of higher learning)
  • Proof of parents or guardian’s income
  • Proof if parents are deceased
  • Affidavit if parents are not working.



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