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The rights allocation process to small-scale fishing co-operatives in the Western Cape - appeal period extended

12 January 2024

The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Ms Barbara Creecy, has extended the closing date for submission of appeals on the decisions taken in allocating small-scale fishing rights to small-scale fishing co-operatives in the Western Cape. small-scale fishing co-operatives, affected and/or interested persons who may wish to submit an appeal my do so by 31 January 2024.

The extension has been granted because of requests for additional time to submit appeals.

Appeals received after 31 January 2024 will not be accepted. 
Applications for small-scale fishing rights are governed by the Marine Living Resources Act (MRLA), the Regulations Relating to Small-Scale fishing and the Policy for the Small-Scale Sector in South Africa. In terms of the relevant provisions, any applicants, affected, or interested persons may appeal to the minister against the decisions of the delegated authority in this fishing sector.

The appeal may be lodged against; a) the refusal to grant species applied for; b) the demarcation of an area that may be used by a particular small scale fishing co-operative; c) the refusal to grant rights to a small-scale fishing co-operative; or d) where a small-scale fishing co-operative is allocated small-scale fishing rights, but is not satisfied with the allocation or aportionment made to it.

The minister, as the appeal authority, will consider the facts and supporting documents as presented by the appellant as they were at the closing date for applications and will not take into account facts that came into existence thereafter.

If applicants experience any challenges on appealing, they are free to request assistance by:
Tel: 078 458 0911 
E-mail to:

For media enquiries, contact:
Peter Mbelengwa
Cell: 082 611 8197


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