To the general public

The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries strives to provide citizens of our country with the best possible service and in doing so,

  • We pledge ourselves to protect your right:
    • To be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times
    • To have access to our services within reasonable time
    • Not to be discriminated against on any grounds
    • To receive information requested, if possible
    • To be advised on how, and to whom complaints should be addressed
    • To be informed annually on how the department is performing
  • Our work is to:
    • Create conditions for sustainable growth and development
    • Promote the sustainable development and conservation of our natural resources
    • Protecting and improving the quality and safety of the environment
    • Provide robust environmental management authorizations
    • Regulatory systems and services for marine, coastal and terrestrial resources
    • Prevent and reduce pollution and waste
    • Improve air and atmospheric quality
    • Support of the Expanded Public Works Programme through the Social Responsibility Programme
  • Services available
    • Share call to assist the public with environment queries, call: 086 111 2468
    • Hotline for tip-offs anonymous on workplace dishonesty and violation of these commitments call: 0800 701 701
    • Hotline for tip-offs on contraventions of environmental legislation, call: 0800 205 005
  • Should you wish to lodge a complaint

Complaints can be in writing, telephonic or via e-mail. We will promptly address all complaints within a reasonable timeframe.

Contact details: 

Centre number: 086 111 2468
Fax: +27 12 359 3609