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The possibilities for pursuing a green career is ever expanding.  What used to be the domain of bespectacled natural scientists in lab coats, now expands to all disciplines and fields of work, from the courtroom, to building designs, purchasing stock for retailers and installing solar heating and grey water systems.  What are your possibilities?​

Typically, we think of green careers out in nature, running with the leopards, swimming with the dolphins, studying centipedes under a microscope or in a field of colourful flowers looking closely at natures bounty and marvel.  In recent years, especially in South Africa the nature (what people do) and scope (where and how they do it),  of green careers continue to expand. Our constitution enshrines the right of every person to a healthy environment.  And a suite of related environmental legislation, like the National Environmental Management Act of 1998, the National Water Act of 1998 and the Small Scale Fisheries policy in South Africa, as some examples, outline the legal framework for ensuring ecological wellbeing, while simultaneously enable access to resources for human livelihoods, health and wellbeing.​

We use the analogy of a landscape of possibilities to introduce you to the many options for pursuing a green career:​​

For teachers, lecturers, career counsellors, HR practitioners we have a set of resources, consisting of banners, worksheets, posters and cards to use in helping your learners, students and employees to make decisions about their green careers.  Click here to read more.​​

For learners, students and employees, we have an interactive tool to use in exploring more details about specific careers, like what is the typical work environment, what learning pathways you could follow, what skills are needed, what tasks will you typically do and who might employ you in this career field. See more.  ​