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The country’s sustainable development vision is outlined in the National Framework for Sustainable Development (2008) as “South Africa aspires to be a sustainable, economically prosperous and self-reliant nation state that safeguards its democracy by meeting the fundamental human needs of its people, by managing its limited ecological resources responsibly for current and future generations, and by advancing efficient and effective integrated planning and governance through national, regional and global collaboration”.



About Green Economy

South Africa views green economy as a sustainable de­velopment path based on addressing the interdependence between economic growth, social protection and natural ecosystem. The South African approach is to ensure that green economy programmes are to be supported by practical and implementable action plan therefore importance of building on existing best processes, programmes, initiatives and indigenous knowledge in key sectors “Towards a resource efficient, low carbon and pro-employment growth path”.






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The purpose of the National Greening Framework for Event Greening and the Built Environment is to promote the application of sustainable development principles and practices to the built environment and events management.







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