Becoming an Environmental Management Inspector (EMI)



In terms of NEMA's Section 31B and C the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs and MECs are empowered to designate EMIs (and they have the discretion to decide which officials to designate).

The Minister and MECs can delegate this power to designate EMIs, as has already happened in SANParks (to the SANParks Chief Executive) and in Western Cape (to the Head of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning).

To be eligible for EMI designation, an official (only officials may be designated) must complete "any relevant training course approved by the Director-General" (see EMI regulations). At present, this course is the EMI Basic Training Course.

In terms of Section 31F of NEMA, an EMI must, whenever exercising any powers or performing any duties under NEMA or a SEMA, on demand by a member of the public, produce his or her EMI ID Card and his or her Letter of Designation.

Guiding / sample documents

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