About donor funded projects

Introduction and background

The Department of Environmental Affairs is responsible for the protection and management of South Africa’s natural resources in a manner that fosters sustainability and creates a healthy living environment for all the citizens of the country.

To this end, the department adheres to and promotes strong environmental governance in order to address the environmental and development challenges that confront our communities. Indeed, the implementation of these policies, and the actualisation of the objective of the department depends both sound guidance and the availability of resources.

The Branch Specialist Unit: Environmental Advisory Services is responsible for the mobilisation of resources to assist the department in addressing our national developmental agenda. In discharging these responsibilities the branch has to interact with development partners or donors interested in assisting South Africa to address environmental as well as climate change challenges.

These engagements take place in three forms:

  • bilateral, which are between South Africa and a development partner;
  • multilateral agreements, which describe  agreements that take place through multi stakeholder international institutions; and
  • Trilateral

Despite the fact that development assistance to South Africa comprises less than 1% of the country’s GDP; donor assistance has strategic importance that provides a mechanism through which the department can fulfill its objectives.

Donor partnerships with DEA are as follows:

Name of project Focal area Financing institution

DEA-BMU(GTZ) Climate Change Support Programme

Climate Change BMU/GTZ (Germany)
Norwegian Environmental Programme
Environmental Management Kingdom of Norway
Urban Environmental Management Programme
Environmental Management DANIDA (Denmark)
Name of project Focal area Financing institution

Compilation of the Arid transfrontier conservation cluster  integrated tourism development plan
Conservation and Tourism USAID