Stranded false killer whales at V&A Waterfront

04 February 2018


The Department of Environmental Affairs would like to alert the public in the Cape Town region to a pod of False Killer Whales that are currently taking refuge at the V&A Waterfront. The pod is made up of 3 adults and 1 calf.

This group was stranded in Blouberg yesterday and was refloated by the public. One of the adults has head injuries, while the other two look in perfect condition. This led DEA to suspect that the injured individual may be responsible for the beaching yesterday.

The current location is the best under the circumstances. The department hopes that the injured whale will rest and gather enough strength to go back offshore lest they re-strand.

False Killer whales are known to occur in large numbers of up to 40 animals made up of smaller groups of 10 - 20 individuals; however smaller groups are not unheard of. This species is prone to strandings in large groups. Due to their strong social bonds, they hardly turn their back on a group member in distress. Thus, a compromised individual in the group can cause a stranding of the whole group. The public is therefore advised to avoid harassing the animals and allow them to recuperate from the stressful beaching yesterday. DEA will continue to monitor the situation with our stakeholders including the public.

We thank all who continue to play a role in this developing situation.

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Zolile Nqayi
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