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Biodiversity economy: game meat
Game meat has been identified as one of the major role players in the wildlife economy. Not only does game meat promote opportunities for land-use planning, environmental management and agricultural planning but also supports economic growth..
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Be an ocean guardian
Ocean animals come in almost every shape and size imaginable. Some are beautiful, others are funny looking. Some are predictable, others have strange habits and weird abilities.
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 Controlling Vehicles use in the Coastal Area
Control of the use of vehicles in the coastal area regulations, promulgated under National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act, 2008 (Act no. 24 of 2008)
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Mercury pollution 
Once mercury is released into the atmosphere, mercury can travel hundreds of miles with the wind before being deposited on the earth's surface Mercury has a long – range atmospheric transport, and is persistent in the environment. Mercury has the ability to bio-accumulate in the ecosystem and up along the food chain.
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South Africa is the home of the rhino: let's keep it that way!

Learn about: BLACK RHINO Africa’s smallest species of rhino, also known as the hook lipped rhino, WHITE RHINO Africa’s largest species of rhino.
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Climate Change 
Climate Change (or global warming, is the process of our planetheating up.
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Waste is anything we throw away or get rid of, that doesn't get used
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MzanSea: Revealing SA's
Marine Ecosystem
The ocean is like a blue blanket
that covers magical places and
mysterious creatures.
Just as there are forests,
grasslands, fynbos and deserts
on land, the ocean has many
types of ecosystems.
In this book
we will explore some of them
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National Arbor Month 2021
To date, the campaign has graduated to Arbor Month, which is a national campaign initiated to celebrate South Africa’s trees and to raise awareness about their importance.
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Facts about Invasive Alien Plants
Learn about: •  Invasive Alien Plants such as water hyacinth and how they affect the capacity of dams and rivers in terms of water storage.
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Working for Wetlands

A wetland is defined in the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) as the land which is transitional between terrestrial and aquatic systems where the water table is usually at or near the surface, or the land is periodically covered with shallow water, and which land in normal circumstances supports or would support vegetation typically adapted to life in saturated soil.
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Opportunities in the biomass economy: 
Invasive plants that could change your life

Now is the time for enviropreneurs
to source and harvest the biomass
of woody invasive alien trees and
start a firewood, furniture, charcoal,
timber or compost business.
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The basics of climate change 

Climate change is an alteration of the earth’s general weather conditions. The most prominent part of climate change is the rising temperature
at the earth’s surface.
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Air Quality

Information to help learners and teachers to have a better understanding of air and air pollution.
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Biodiversity economy - game meat

Learn about: • The advanatges of game meat production; its health benefits and; economic opportunities attached to this product. 
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It's time to GO GREEN in school

Learn about: • What is recycling?; Our recycling pledge; how the 4 Rs can help us to find better ways to manage our litter. 
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Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle. Recover
Learn about: • The 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover, the types of waste, who dumps waste?.
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Become an Enviro Hero - Saving the Planet is in Your Hands
Learn about: • What is Biodiversity? 
Main causes of Biodiversity loss. Changes in ecosystems and The benefits of biodiversity.
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Working together for a Cleaner South Africa Reduce. Re-Use. Recovery
Learn about: • Waste negative impacts on the environment and on human beings, Benefits of the 4Rs.
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South African Water Quality Guidelines for Coastal Marine Waters – Volume 1: Natural Environment and Mariculture Use
Learn about: • Approaches and methodologies for development of water quality guidelines, criteria and standards
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Controlling vehicle use in coastal areas
Learn about: General conditions when a person is authorised to use a vehicle in the coastal area.
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Biodiversity Economy - Game Meat
Learn about: Production of game meat; Transformation of the wildlife industry, health benefits of game meat.
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20 Years of Environment Impact Assessment in South Africa
Learn about: Background to the EIAs evaluation in South Africa, What is an EIA, the need and value thereof?; EIA Time-Line over the past 20 years.
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What you should know
about South Africa’s
Learn about: • Wetlands for a Sustainable, • Urban Future Urban wetlands as prized land, not wasteland.
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Let there still be a story to tell…
Learn about: • How you can help our wildlife to survive • International trade in animals, plants
and their products is controlled by the CITES.
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What is biodiversity? Come with us on a journey
Learn about: • Invasive alien species. • Global climate change • Habitat loss and destruction  • Alterations in ecosystems composition
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EMI - Undertaking Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
Learn about: • Why protect the environment. • What is there to protect? • Why is it important to prosecute environmental criminals?
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Air quality is life
Learn about: •What are the effects of air pollution?, • What are the sources of air pollution? • Air Quality Monitoring, National Priority Areas
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Recycling Training Manual
Learn about: • Legislative Framework, • What is waste?, • What is recycling?, • How to start operations
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Operation Phakisa - Why the Oceans Economy matters
Learn about: • South Africa has a coastline of 3 900 km, • The Oceans Economy's potential to contribute up to R177 billion.
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Go Wild for Life - Go Wild for Life - Zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade
Learn about: • The role of UNEP, • Environment Month, • World Environment Day (WED).
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Land Degradation & Desertification
Learn about: • 2016 World Day to Combat Desertification, • Response on drought.  
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Vision 2030: Our Future Our Plan
Learn about: The importance of this year’s UNFCCC CoP21 for developing countries, • Environmental Sustainability: An equitable transition to a Low-Carbon Economy.
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Alien and Invasive Species - How much do you know?
Learn about: •What is in the Regulations?, •Four categories of invasive species, •Permits information: Category 2 invasive species
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SA Agulhas II & Islands
Learn about: • SA Agulhas II & Islands, •Main functions of the vessel, •Area of operation.
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How to start school recycling
Learn about: •How to start a school recycling programme, • Green schools, •How to run a green school
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World Migratory Bird Day - Energy - make it bird - friendly
Learn about: • What are migratory birds?;•Lesser flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor);•Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis)
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World Ozone Day
Learn about: •What is Ozone?,•Ozone depleting substances (ODSs), Use of ODSs
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Food Waste Management
Learn about: •What is food waste?,  •What causes food wastage?, • Impacts of food waste.
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Enviro Careers
Learn about: different environment careers such as:  •Agricultural Extension Officer, •Biodiversity Information Management Technician, •Biodiversity Monitor, •Conservation Planner.
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Operation Phakisa
Is an environmental career right for me?
Learn about:  •Social-Environmental Careers, •Career Path Qualification, •Science Careers, •Career Path Qualification.
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Bioprospecting: Making nature work for you
Learn about: • Cultural and cultural treasures, • New ways in nature, • Access and benefits sharing.
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Guidelines for school recycling
Learn about:  The National Environmental Management: Waste Act (Act 59 of 2008), • Waste management hierachy, • Waste Analysis Steps.
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Operation Phakisa: Oceans Economy
Learn about: What the Operation Phakisa programme is • The four critical areas of focus for the programme • the potential economic comtribution of the four critical areas of the programme.
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Working for the Coast programme National Environmental Management Policy of the Ocean Ga-Rankuwa Eco-Furniture Factory
Working for the Coast programme
Learn about: What the Working for the Coast programme is and what it aims to ahieve •Strategiv objectives of the programme • Challenges experienced along the coastline.
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Chapter 4 NEMA - Fair decision making and conflict management
Learn about:  •What Does Chapter 4 of the NEMA Say?,  •The Purpose of NEMA Chapter 4, •The approach to Environmental Dispute Resolution.
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National Environmental Management of the Oceans policy
Learn about: South African oceans environment and governance approach •Oceans governance guiding principles • oceans governance strategic objectives.
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Ga-Rankuwa Eco-furniture programme
Learn about: What is Ga-Rankuwa Eco-furniture programme and what it aims to do •The contribution of this programme to job creation • Success stories of the programme.
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Do More & Better with Less!
Learn about: •the regeneration of planet’s capacity, •What is the Green Economy? •how you can: Eat, Think & Save.
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Asbestos - Know what it is and how you can protect yourself
Learn about:  What is asbestos?, • Forms of asbestos found in South Africa • Uses of asbestos fibres
• English • Setswana • Afrikaans
Service delivery charter
Learn about: The batho pele principles, Environmental Affairs’ pledge, services availability. 
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Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programmes - Prospectus 2014/2015
Learn about: •EPIP, EPWP programmes and government outcome based approach,  •Criteria for EPIP Projects.
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Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programmes - Focus Areas
Learn about:  •Wildlife Economy, •Youth Environmental Services •Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programmes (EPIP).
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Waste Management Support Systems for SMMEs
Learn about: •The term green economy, •Rotterdam Convention, •Stockholm Convention and Vienna Convention
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World Day to Combat Desertification!
Learn about: How is desertification affecting our food security? Definitions of Desertification, drought and healthy soils.
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Green Jobs Training Programme successfully launched in South Africa
Learn about: The identified the transition to a green economy as a key policy area due to its potential to stimulate economic growth and create sustainable jobs.
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Greenest Municipality Competition Booklet
Learn about: What is the Greenest Municipality Competition? • The rationale for the GMC, • GMC’s key seven elements for selection, • The panel’s selection of criterion.
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Working together for a cleaner South Africa. Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle
Learn about: The negative impacts of waste on the environment •Benefits of the 3Rs •Materials can be recycled • How can you contribute towards recycling?
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Chemicals and Waste Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Learn about: •Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), •Basel Convention on the Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes.
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Guide to rhinos 
Learn about: • Different species of rhino • Difference between black and white rhino • What rhino horn is made out of • What threatens rhinos.
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Easy guide to recycling
Learn about: • why do we recycle? • how can you contribute towards recycling? • how should you separate your waste? • which waste is required for recycling?
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Chapter 4 NEMA: Fair decision making and Conflict Management
Learn about: What does chapter 4 of the NEMA say? The purpose of NEMA chapter 4, The approach to environmental dispute resolution.
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Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
Learn about: •What are PCBs?, •Characteristics of PCBs, •What are PCBs used for?
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Know your environmental 
Learn about: • the work of the department, • the guarantees of the constitution with regard to environmental issues, • the branches of the department with regards to the environmental management.  
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Biodiversity - Our environmemnt needs you!
Learn about: • what environmental events are coming up in May and find out how you can help! • Island Biodiversity • What are the threats to biodiversity? • Why do birds migrate?
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Environmental Programmes Prospectus
Learn about: • Background and purpose of the EP branch, • Branch focus areas, •Branch Structure, •Branch Functions.
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World Migratory Bird Day 2014 
Learn about: • World Migratory Bird Day initiative • The 2014 theme • Migratory birds in South Africa • Threats to migratory birds.
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Air quality is life quality 
Learn about: • Meaning of air pollution • Effects of air pollution • Smog • Acid rain • Ozone depletion.
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Getting to grips with climate change
•  isiZulu • isiXhosa 
• Setswana • Tshivenda 
• Afrikaans • English
Your Handy Guide to Green Cars in South Africa
Learn about: • Meaning of zero emissions vehicle or a green car • Reason why we are moving away from fossil fuels • Benefit of being an emissions vehicle partner.
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South Africa's national climate change response database 
Learn about: • About the development of the database • How the databse works • Database's available interactive maps of interventions • How to find the database • Further developments of the database.
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South Africa - Climate change response 

Learn about: •What is climate change? • Why should we be worried about climate change? • What is government doing about climate change?
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Air pollution
Learn about: • Sources of air polluion.
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Risk management guide 

Learn about: • Risk management • Risk control activities • Risk response strategy • Risk rating.
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World Ozone Day 
Learn about: • What ozone is • What is it that human beings release, produce or do that weakens the ozone.
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Introducing the Green Car
Learn about: • Driving an environmental friendly car • Vehicle charging • Vehicle's luxury features •  Vehicle performance • Vehicle's electronic power.
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An introduction to environmental careers

Learn about: • Career in the fields of environmental protection, conservation and management are discussed in the booklet.
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2012 - Your handy guide to the green economy
 Learn about: • What is the green economy• The green economy accord • A to Z green tips for a green economy • Waste is wealth: waste management in the green economy.
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2013 - Think, eat and save: Your handy guide to sustainable living

 Learn about: •Working on waste • Food wste facts • Sustinable consumption: doing more and better with less • A to Z environment tips
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The Waterberg-Bojanala Priority Area 
Learn about: • What is the Government
doing to measure air pollution in this
priority area • How can as a community
member can get involved?•  
Historical background • What is a priority area?
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Risk culture
Learn about: Discover the meaning of: • A risk culture • Characteristics of a successful risk culture • Importance of a risk culture • Managers' role with risk culture.
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Working with waste: reduce, reuse recycle  

Learn about: Guideline for recycling in high density and unserviced areas.
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Stepping up enforcement against environmental crime
Learn about: • What is environmental crime, • Why do we need know about it, • Where do I report it? • Who investigates it?
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SA's Environmental Programmes
Learn about:  • Natural Resources Management
(NRM) programmes, •the catastrophe
of invasive species, •
water, climate change and invasive species
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Commercial fishing rights 2009/10 performance reviews roadshows
Proper management of marine living resources, for commercial purposes, is essential if we are to maintain an effective, equitable and sustainable fishing industry. By participating in the performance reviews, you contribute to an accurate and informative industry review. The review forms the basis for improving the management of the resources.
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