South Africa - Norway Science Week 2016

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2016-10-31 10:14 to 2016-11-04 10:14

Introduction and background
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South Africa is neighbour to large open sea areas and to the Antarctica, and has extensive claims for continental shelf (CS) out of the mainland as well as around island areas. Norway has extensive territorial claims in Antarctica and Norwegian vessels are involved in fisheries in Southern Atlantic.Both countries have large coastal areas as well as exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and continental shelf areas.

South Africa and Norway share a rich history of joint research. Since 1994 both countries have enjoyed formalised cooperation. Today South Africa and Norway are key partners with a wide variety of bilateral research programs. The science week provides an opportunity to explore how business communities can learn from academia, and how researchers can bring about innovation and new business. The Science Week brings together key players from higher education, research, innovation and business in South Africa and Norway.



The objective is to forge new relationships and encourage collaboration between academia and industry across national borders.



The theme for this science week is one that represents a prioritised area to both countries: "Value Creation in Ocean Space - New Opportunities in the Blue Economy".


Schedule of the event


 » Download full programme of the event [PDF]

The event is set to cover the following among others:

Plenary 2: Overview and a strategic context to the Blue Economy

This session will provide an overview and strategic context to the emerging opportunities in Ocean Space and the Blue Economy. It will highlight global trends and national strategies as well as addressing the benefits of expanding bilateral cooperation in education, research, innovation and business development.

Plenary 3: Operation Phakisa Oceans Economy and Norwegian contributions

This session will set the scene by offering selected concrete areas of focus that are consistent with overall strategies and priorities, and therefore of particular interest to both countries – thereby providing an arena for sharing information and past experiences.

Plenary 4: Success Stories and New Funding Opportunities

The objective of this session is to make the audience, including researchers and innovators, aware of funding opportunities for their activities, real-life success-stories and lessons learned.

Plenary 5: Ignite and Connect Norway – South Africa

Plenary 5 provides a more operational context for further bilateral cooperation in education, research, innovation, and business development – against the backdrop created by Operation Phakisa in South Africa and the Panorama strategy in Norway.


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