Government's progress to bring an end to attacks on foreign nationals

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2015-04-18 11:33 to 2015-04-27 11:33



Minister Jeff Radebe: Inter-Ministerial Committee on Migration media statement


28 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma has appointed an Inter-Ministerial Committee on Migration to strengthen and broaden the scope of the work started by Ministers Mahlobo, Gigaba and Nhleko. The mandate of this IMC has been broaden to deal with all the underlying causes of the tensions between communities and the foreign nationals. Some of the areas to be addressed, is the implementation of our Labour Relations policies as they affect the foreign nationals; the implementation of the laws that govern business licenses; the country‘s border management and generally the country’s migration policies.

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Names of foreign nationals

27 April 2015 - The Presidency has received media enquiries about the names of foreign nationals who were tragically killed during the violence that broke out in KwaZulu-Natal. Government is still in the process of verifying the information and the names will be released as soon as there has been conclusive positive identification of the victims. President Zuma released the names of the three South Africans who were killed in KwaZulu-Natal and Mr Manuel Jossias of Mozambique who was killed in Alexandra township, Johannesburg.


President Zuma holds fruitful discussions with representatives of foreign nationals

24 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma on Friday, 24 April 2015 held fruitful discussions with leaders of organisations representing foreign nationals resident in South Africa at the Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guest House in Pretoria. The President called the meeting to hear the concerns of foreign nationals through their organisations, communicate government efforts to end the attacks and discuss possible solutions to ensure that these attacks do not happen again.


Open Letter from President Jacob Zuma to Mia Couto, Mozambican writer and poet

24 April 2015 - I was very happy to hear from you after a long time. It is a pity that we are reconnecting under sad and painful circumstances which have prompted you to write an open letter to me. I remember you from our days in Mozambique, when you worked at the Mozambique Information Agency and when you were editor of Tempo magazine and later of Noticias. I cannot forget the friendship that Mozambique accorded my comrades and to me personally. In fact Mozambique became my second home and it remains my home. 


President Zuma to meet with organisations representing foreign nationals

22 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma meet with leaders of organisations representing foreign nationals, on Friday 24 April. The meeting will take place at the Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guest House in Pretoria. President Zuma will meet with the leaders representing foreign nationals from within Africa and also Pakistan and Bangladesh. The meeting is part of building lasting partnerships with stakeholders in the country to ensure that the shameful attacks on foreign nationals do not recur in the country.


President convenes IMC on migration

22 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma yesterday, 21 April 2015, convened the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Migration and gave them marching orders on what they need to do to promote orderly and efficient migration as well as peaceful co-existence between citizens and non-South Africans. The IMC is tasked with ensuring that all aspects of migration are handled efficiently, including the social, economic and security aspects. The IMC will also in the main address the concerns raised by South Africans with regards to migration, while also taking care of the wellbeing of all immigrants in the country from all continents.


Migration update: Programme of Ministers and Deputy Ministers

21 April 2015 - Ministers and Deputy Ministers are engaged in an imbizo and outreach programme countrywide this week interacting with communities on the country’s migration policy and promoting peaceful co-existence with foreign nationals. Foreign nationals have been integrated successfully in many communities over the years. At the same time, concerns have been raised by citizens including reports of increased numbers of illegal immigrants, the alleged takeover of many small businesses by foreign nationals in townships as well as perceptions that foreign nationals commit crimes in the country that include selling drugs and human trafficking.


President Zuma to build partnerships for peaceful and orderly migration in the country

20 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma is to host consultative meetings with stakeholders to discuss the country’s migration policy and how various sectors can work with government to promote orderly migration and good relations between citizens and other nationals. Foreign nationals have for years been successfully integrated into many communities in the country and government seeks to gain lessons from these successes.


President Zuma postpones National Orders Ceremony

20 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma has postponed the National Orders Ceremony that was to take place on Freedom Day, 27 April 2015. The National Orders are the highest honour that South Africa bestows on citizens and eminent foreign nationals for their contribution to the advancement of the country in various ways. The National Orders for 2015 have been postponed as the country is mourning the deaths of seven people that were killed during violent attacks on foreign nationals last week


Media statement on progress made by the South African government to bring an end to attacks against foreign national

19 April 2015 - We once again unequivocally condemn the maiming and killing of our brothers and sisters from other parts of the continent. No amount of frustration or anger can justify these attacks and looting of shops.   South Africa fought against colonialism and Apartheid system alongside with our fellow Africans from the continent and the world at large. As a nation let us not forget the hospitality that was bestowed on us. The law enforcement agencies will do whatever it takes to restore law and order within our communities.


President Jacob Zuma cancels visit to Indonesia

18 April 2015 - President Jacob Zuma has cancelled his visit to Indonesia in order to attend to matters at home relating to the attacks on foreign nationals. President Zuma was due to  leave for Indonesia this evening, 18 April 2015 for a State Visit and to attend the Africa-Asia Summit and the commemoration of the historic summit in Bandung, Indonesia in 1955 which brought together Africa and Asia to push forward the struggle for liberation and self-determination. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will replace the President in Indonesia.


President Jacob Zuma calls on churches to pray for peace and friendship

18 April 2015 - “We humbly request our religious leaders nationwide to send out a message of peace and friendship to all our people.  South Africans have lived in peace with foreign nationals for years. We know that the majority of our people believe in human rights and peace and that they respect the dignity of all who live in our country. They know that where there are concerns and differences, these should be resolved the South African way, through dialogue, and not through violence and intimidation. We will work with all peace loving South Africans and foreign nationals to promote peaceful co-existence, solidarity and friendship," said the President.



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