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Environment sector research, development and evidence framework


EPIP Impact Evaluation: Skills Development, 2017 

This report presents an evaluation of the impact of the skills development initiative within the Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programmes (EPIP). The main goal of EPIP is to alleviate poverty through interventions that are implemented in communities to uplift households especially those headed by women while empowering participants to participate in the mainstream economy. This is done in line with the department's mandate to address the environmental management challenges facing the country.

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Working paper: Understanding the organisational context for evidence-informed policy-making, 2016

Louise Shaxson, Ajoy Datta, Mapula Tshangela and Bongani Matomela

This working paper presents ideas for discussion and debate; it describes the framework the team used to analyse how department’s internal structures and processes and the external policy environment in South Africa affect how its policy-makers source and use evidence. The aim is to outline, systematically, the detail of the issues we believe to be important to understanding how and why a government department operates when it comes to evidence.

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Evidence and policy in South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs, 2016

Alf Wills, Mapula Tshangela, Narnia Bohler-Muller, Ajoy Datta, Nikki Funke, Linda Godfrey, Bongani Matomela, Gary Pienaar, Nedson Pophiwa, Louise Shaxson, Wilma Strydom and Ke Yu

This is the second in a series of documents that have been developed. This report synthesises the organisational issues that influence how department's works with evidence to develop, implement, monitor and report on environmental policies. It is based on the findings of five studies that were conducted as part of a programme of support to department between 2014 and 2016.

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Guidelines and good practices for evidence-informed policy-making in a government department, 2016

Alf Wills, Mapula Tshangela, Louise Shaxson, Ajoy Datta and Bongani Matomela

This is the second in a series of documents that have been developed. This report intends to prompt discussion within the department and across the environment sector in South Africa. It proposes five guidelines and sets of good practice that could underpin a systematic and phased approach to improving evidence-informed policy-making within a government department.

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EPWP Phase III Environment and Culture Sector Plan 2014/15 – 2018/19

March 2014 marked the end of the second milestone in the implementation of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), which is government's flagship job creation programme. This programme is only one of government's many poverty alleviation programmes implemented by various public bodies and coordinated by the Department of Public Works. The Department of Environmental Affairs is responsible for the coordination of the Environment and Culture sector of the programme, which is one of the four sectors through which the EPWP is coordinated.  

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South Africa's 1st Biennial Update Report


 Environmental Sustainability Indicators' reports



2011 technical report 

The current report is an update of indicators contained in the 2008 report. All previous reports integrate 9 datasets into a set of 20 indicators of environmental sustainability. The purpose of these indicators is to provide information on our ability to protect our environment over the next decades. In addition, the indicators reflect key factors determining the state of the environment, and show whether we are moving towards environmental sustainability or not.

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Environmental Sustainability Indicators - 2011 technical report



2009 technical report

Introduction [1.18 mb]
State of environment systems [1.32 mb]
Reducing environmental stress [1.2 mb]
Reducing human vulnerability [1.09 mb]
Social and institutional capacity to cope [1.24 mb]
Global stewardship [764.04 mb]




2008 technical report

Introduction [208.8 kb]
State of environment systems [1.39 mb]
Reducing environmental stress [934 kb]
Reducing human vulnerability [470.22 kb]
Social and institutional capacity to cope [1.23 mb]
Global stewardship [1.14 mb]



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